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We are a team of over 200 professionals who are well-trained in translation and interpretations services. We are trained to provide services in more than 20 languages as all the professionals are native-speaking professionals. With the latest technology and resources at our side, we offer a quick and efficient translation and interpretation service, thus, paving the path to an effective global communication.
Here are some interesting News from the Translation Industry.

1. An Article about The World’s Weirdest Language
This article was originally published in ScienceNordic.
"The weirdest language in the world is without a doubt Pirahã," says Rolf Theil.
The linguistics professor at the University of Oslo has picked his favourite among thousands of human languages.

2. An Article about one of the most difficult languages in the world.
Why Arabic translation is difficult.
Without any disagreement Arabic is one of the most difficult languages in the world. So is the translation in this language. The main reason behind the difficulty is that Arabic language doesn´t absorb the developments and refinements which are vital for dealing with the modern business and technology. You can easily term it as technologically under developer language. Apart from technological lacking Arabic is also culturally backwards as technology has failed to make its impact on many parts of Arabic culture.

3. An Article on tips to Improving the localization efforts for the Global Audiences.
Reaching a global audience may seem like every business´s goal. New and innovative digital mediums make it incredibly easy to reach consumers anywhere on the planet. However, even with social and digital platforms for publishing, engagement and feedback, you may not be connecting with the markets you want.
Instead of thinking global marketing dominance, it´s time to consider localized marketing on a global scale.

We are in the news for good reasons. For more updates on the translation industry, keep looking at our Newsroom…

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